Two Way Aluminum Ladder Supplier SaudiTwo Way Aluminum Ladder Supplier Saudi

Two Way Aluminum Ladder Supplier Saudi is commonly in use by construction, electric, and other small businesses. It allows people to effortlessly accomplish height tasks because it allows access to both sides. This double-sided aluminum ladder can utilize in both industrial and residential settings. It has an anti-slip surface and a molded footpad. As well as it also comes in a variety of sizes and has a resting platform that may utilize for a variety of domestic duties.

Moreover, it is one of the industry’s most successful ladders. Hence, it permanently retains and tightens the bars, rods, and other hard angering equipment elements. Also, it has a screwing method that ensures the hold is permanent. Our professionals used high-quality stainless materials to create a robust head.


  • Allows for access from both sides
  • Slip-resistant footwear
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Tensile strength is very high.
  • In heavy machinery
  • Domestic and industrial use that is light in weight
  • Hinge connections with rivets
  • At the top, there is a resting space for the tool.
  • 110 KGS Safe Working Load

To ensure that your ladder is a good fit for your needs, look for the duty rating information displayed immediately on it. Also, ensure that the user’s weight plus the materials being carried up the ladder is less than the indicated weight capacity.

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ARESScaffolding Saudi is a large and well-known manufacturer and supplier company in Saudi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Damman, Mecca, Tabuk, and Yanbu. We offer many aluminum ladders for sale to our customers based on their needs.

When utilizing these ladders, use caution. They intend for usage by two persons. Therefore, keep in mind the duty rating and weight limitations of both people, as well as the materials used. The duty rating of a multi-position ladder on rent varies depending on how you configure it. Ascertain that it is in the proper posture for the task at hand.