Triple Section Straight LadderTriple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder Supplier Saudi

Triple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder Supplier Saudi has square and pleasant steps with an anti-slip foot facility. This ladder also includes a wide spreader bar that helps to stop side movement and guides safety. In addition to its capabilities, it may be turned into a free-standing combo ladder. The cost of this ladder is determined by the size you require. This ladder can support 100-150 kg of weight and has a maximum height of 55 feet.

It boasts square and comfy steps with anti-slip feet, an easily extensible ladder, and is flexible and robust. Furthermore, a single person moves effortlessly in the pulley and rope by employing the strong aluminum locking hook. When extended, the ladder guides safety and limits, and a wide spreader bar aids in stopping side movement.

It has a firm grip and holds. It is incredibly secure and has a hook tightening system that allows for safe and simple climbing. The price of this self-supporting extension ladder determines by the size required. This ladder on rent is ideal for maintenance, cleaning tall structures, tree cutting, painting, and a variety of other tasks.


  • Rungs are large and cozy, with a square shape.
  • Foot anti-slip
  • Ladder of the extendable type
  • Suitable for use by a single person
  • The Rigid aluminum locking hook glides easily in rope and pulley.
  • Working load that is safe 150Kgs

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So, If you don’t want our scaffolding services, Aluminum ladders may be just what you’re looking for. Therefore, our ladders for sale are lightweight and simple to construct; If you want easy access in your neighborhood, this will be ideal for you.