Steel Props Jacks Supplier SaudiSteel Proaps Jacks Supplier Saudi

Steel Props Jacks Supplier Saudi offers auxiliary parts that support and position a horizontal formwork system at the proper height in each circumstance. They are responsible, as load-bearing elements, for transmitting the loads they receive when the structure concrete to the ground. As well as acting as support until it is put into service; once it attains the requisite strength to absorb the necessary stresses.

They are telescopic and height-adjustable. And are often consist of two hollow cylindrical bodies, one inside the other, to aid in regulation. In some situations, they may have a locking system to prevent the shaft from separating from the body, as well as an emptying system to enable removal and disassembly.

Steel props for sale are widely usable and can be painted, galvanized, zinc plated, and so on. Moreover, Steel, as a robust material, enables the measurement of load capacity and has a long service life. They are compatible with recoverable formwork systems for both building and civil works, allowing for the construction of all forms of solid slabs. As well as they are also often come into use as shoring pieces in building repair.

To select the best one, consider the following factors:

  • Acting load
  • Prop load capacity
  • Free height of the prop
  • Number of props
  • Price

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Steel Props Jacks Supplier in SaudiClients can share their prop jack specifications and load capacity details with ARESScaffolding Saudi. Purchase adjustable prop jacks that meet their safety and weight-bearing requirements at a low cost. Our skilled engineering team prepares to create scaffolding items based on your specifications. These are adjustable to the desired slab and floor height.

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