Double Width Scaffolding supplier SaudiDouble Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Saudi

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier Saudi design scaffolds to satisfy the needs of the Construction, Industrial, and Manufacturing industries. The weight of this scaffolding varies modestly to allow for easier transportation without sacrificing quality.

It is available in a variety of base widths and lengths. Clients can select one based on their needs. Also, the rungs of the double-width aluminum scaffolding contain extrusion tubes that aid in providing a good grip for climbing. As well as it also allows you to change the height of the platform by adding extra platforms. Moreover, the brake on this moveable scaffolding on rent is provided by high-duty wheels.

We are giving an amazing grade Double Width Aluminum Scaffold for sale in a short length of time. On the other hand, this scaffolding has a plate size of 2m x 1350m and a height range of 0.2m to 16.2m. The scaffolding can withstand a maximum load of 270Kgs. It is made with aluminum alloy and modern technology. Before delivering it to clients, our personnel follow industry standards and conduct mechanical and manual checks.

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier SaudiFeatures:

  • Dimensionally correct
  • Installation is simple.
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Nylon wheels with foot brake systems and an exterior trigger for each of the four side corners
  • Flat corrugated mullion stairs that are non-slip and extra-grip
  • Excellent quality leg grip chequered sheet for the platform’s top
  • 180kgs is the maximum working load.

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